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Bara Giants is a bara game with two modes. You can play it as a visual novel (no battles) or a JRPG (level up system), you choose! The story is about a lust agent working in a secret society to keep giants in control. So, Meet 2 unique giants, Choose your route, Make choices, Use forbidden potions, and Cast Sexual Skills (with NSFW animations!).

Are you really willing to do your job or are you afraid of having your heart won by big men?


Giants are extremely strong creatures that live in isolated communities in Argania's Kingdom. To keep them under control and avoid a possible threat to humankind, for over 500 years there has been a secret organization that has done everything to please them.

The Society is a group financed by the royal court and the agents who join it have been experiencing a lot of challenges to fulfill the agreement with the king. One of them, William Vanbolt (time to meet Isaac's brother! - Isaac is a character from 'Yes, Brother'), has been overcoming these big tests by inventing and using powerful magic potions.

Because of that, he was summoned to start on a mission to meet two giants with totally different personalities and full of mysteries. Now, it's up to you to choose which path you will follow and discover the best ways to please each one of them. However, don't forget. No matter how powerful you are, giants will always show you who really is in control of the situation. Can you accomplish this BIG mission?!


  • SFW and NSFW version;
  • 2 Routes;
  • Multiple Choices;
  • 37k words;
  • Visual Novel Mode (play a text-based game);
  • JRPG Mode (play a game with a level-up system with NSFW animations);

Do you want to complete Bara Giants getting all short paths of the game? Also, want all images in HD resolution? You can check our special DLC by clicking on the button below!

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorMale Doll
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
TagsBara, Gay, JRPG, RPG Maker, Turn-Based Combat, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Bara Giants - Society of Pleasure v1.0.5b (SFW Edition) 288 MB
Bara Giants - Society of Pleasure v1.0.5b (NSFW Edition) 314 MB

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Bara Giants - Society of Pleasure d1.0.2 (NSFW) 273 MB

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banger game

I am wondering... why doesn't the game have a full screen option?

There was a problem in which the full screen was blurring the pixels, so we removed this option.

Is there a mac version available? Bought it before I realised that there were only windows icons for the downloads haha

Hahaha. The game is Windows only but I know you can play it using a virtual machine.

understood no worries

Why the game ended up with "...being devoured by demons." after Nanthuk's good ending?


It happened because Bara Giants' story would be connected to the Yes, Brother one. However, tomorrow we'll launch a small update for Bara Giants in which the game will end properly. You can read more about it on our Steam post: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/maledoll/announcements/detail/5382356887119606...


Hi there! You certainly caught my interest with utilizing giants in a game like this. But I genuinely want to ask, if it's okay, how far do you plan to go with the giant play? Is it just going to be vanilla with a bit of size difference for spice or are we talking full-blown macrophilia content?

I... really want to see more actual male-focused macrophilia games, is why I ask. Not a whole lot out there.


Hi, Jonouchi! Bara Giants is a game based on macrophilia (since when we had the concept of this project), so almost all H-scenes are about it. For example, there are scenes in which you'll be a 'bath sponge' for the giants :)!,  Since we have 2 routes, one for each giant, we also work with macrophilia using different perspectives. In one William will be the Dom, and in the other one, he will be more Sub. The launch day is scheduled for the 3rd week of July, so we hope you'll play the full game soon!

This is wonderful news, thank you so much for your response! Will definitely be sure to support! Much love!

Super interesting! What's the motivation behind giving players the option of VN/JRPG?


A lot of LGBT games are visual novels and people are used to them. So, we made two genres in one game to reach these players and the ones who like JRPG :)

Totally makes sense, hopefully it's not too much extra work! Excited to see this project come to fruition. Any chance you're planning to release a mac version as well?

We don't have plans to release a Mac version, at least for now. However, I know some people use virtual machines to emulate Windows and play our games. Have you tried it?



can you make a android version?

i play on android


Unfortunately, there is no plan for Android porting, at least until now.

oh ok


czekam na ubdate ponieważ jest błąd przez który jak są jakies animacie pokazuje sie error


Hey, Koteq. Could you join Discord so that we can talk to fix this problem? We can help you! :)