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"Yes, Brother" is a JRPG about a young gay priest trying to save a village from a demon who has been possessing its naughty inhabitants.


The Holy Cher Academy is preparing young guys to be Cher's Disciples. It's their duty to remove the sin from humans through the Sacred Confessions to keep the Earth safe from the Demon Lord. However, people have been seduced by naughty temptations and a powerful demon was located at the Trison Village trying to stay on Earth forever.

Now, to stop his goal, Alberto, a young boy was selected by Cher's Light and received the divine mission to go to the village and save it at any cost. Can he remove humans' sins and fight against the tricks of a lewdness demon?

[This game is part of my new project focused on short stories at affordable prices]


  • Choice System;
  • Day and Night System;
  • Crafting System;
  • 5 CGs (some with animations);

- Community -

Male Doll has a Discord and I’ve been online all day (whenever it's possible) working on its projects. If you want to report a bug, make suggestions or even chat, it will be a pleasure to meet you.


Wanna contact me?

Feel free to email me or use Male Doll medias. maledollstudio@gmail.com

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
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AuthorMale Doll
GenreRole Playing
TagsErotic, Gay, NSFW, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls


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Is there only one ending to this game? (Where Alberto and Isaac get sent to hell)

Ran into an issue.  Alberto met up with Isaac and as I went to the far left of that initial cave and found an opening, I enter and am met with an error message "Failed to load: img/characters/custom_monster_MD_01.png"  The only option I have is Retry (which does nothing) or close the game.

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Hello, Khevor. Could you send me a print on Discord or post it here? It will help me fix it asap. Thanks :)

I'm not sure what you're after.  It literally is just a black screen with that message and a Retry button.  Unless there is a log file somewhere that I wasn't aware of?

do you have saved before it happens? If so, could you send me your save file?

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I have hitting a bug in the cave after Isaac meets the guy in the cave and perform the ritual. When the sex scene ended and transition back to Alberto in the prison, the end part of the sex scene is still on the screen.

I seem to be hitting a bug in the cave after Isaac meets the guy in the cave, Alberto goes to hide and Isaac steps out then just stops and nothing happens! I've tapped every button but it doesn't progress beyond there.

Thank you for your report. We've fixed it and a new build has been uploaded. (1.3.7b).

Now hit another one right at the end, after the end of game screen (I assume getting to the director's cut), I get "Loading Error - Failed to load: img/characters/!Door2.png". I keep hitting retry but it keeps taking me back. I had had some similar errors in the runup to the ending (during the final fight) but hitting retry seemed to push through that time

Thank you, again. We've found both bugs and they have been fixed. You can download build 1.3.8b, thanks for your patience.

whats new on 1.2?

For the Itch.io platform, there is nothing special. However, for Steam, we've moved the H-scenes to an 18+ DLC.  Some countries are blocking our games and our audience range is been severely decreased by this fact. 😭

Out of curiosity, what's new in 1.1?


I'll make a post asap, but check it out:

New main menu, new sprites for ALL monsters, small changes for the gameplay:

  • (New monster): the Wild Chicken was replaced by Venus Flytrap, a carnivorous plant which has an original art. Both have the same difficulty, but the “Double Attack” skill name has been changed to “Double Bite”.
  • (New potion) Poison Protection - Protects the user against Poison for 20 turns - along one or multiple battles. Also, removes Poison. It’s a special item to be crafted and it will be unlocked when Alberto arrives at Trison Forest.
  • Visual updates: Cuzga Cave and Trison Cave have received small decorative mushrooms which emit light and particles.
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I found a visual bug;  pressed z through isaac sex sceen in the cave, and now the last frame wont leave the screen. I tried going to item> key item> crafting book,  but it didnt erase the frame
Ty for the game!
pd: saving and reloading didnt work either

Thank you for your report! I'll fix it so that I can upload a new version.

Just wanted to say this is a great game. Also, is there a way to beat Alisander (Like to you have to be a high level?) I only got Alberto to level 6.

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback since this game is a result of a lot of work to improve my writing skills. Regarding Alissander's battle, it's impossible to beat him since there is a plot twist at the end of the game.

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I just got passed him, and got to the ending. I really enjoyed it, I hope there is more to come. Honestly, I'm curious to see what would happen if the main protagonist is corrupted.

HAHAHA. Maybe in the next game your answers from the first one can lead you to different routes! Who knows? ;)

If an image of the sexual animation still on your screen after Alberto's confession, open your Crafting Book trough Item > Key Item > Crafting Book.

Impossible to kill the imp...

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are you at lvl 4? you can also use healing outside the battle to make it easie

Great game! It looks pretty interesting. The choice system means the game will probably have more than one ending/route? Or its to lock/unlock some CG? I'd love to fuck some demons.

Thank you for your feedback, Tiru. The choice system will unlock different scenes, but I'm not sure yet if the game will have different endings. Have you unlocked Isaac's scene? 

Yes, the hint system helped me find it before sleeping in the first night, so it helped me get ready with tthe right choice.

Well even without multiple endings, it already got me hooked with the theme. Hope you all have good time on development of it.

A previsão é pra sair mais ou menos quando? Setembro~Dezembro? De qualquer forma já dei follow dai não perderei seus anuncios.

Looks interesting! Are you making several games at the same time? You've already done a few on RPG Maker. I wish you would replace all standard assets and fight mechanics though to make it look more unique. You could re-use those in later games, but it will look authentic, yours. Take a look at Fear and Hunger, for example.

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Hello, art! Thank you for your feedback. I'm working on different projects since I hired trainees. They are focusing on Boyfriend's and I’ve been working alone on RPG Maker games. Also, I've started to work as a publisher focusing on LGBTQ+ Brazilian producers (check Summer Flowers). I really appreciate your reference, I'll play the game and as you can see in "Yes, Brother", I've started to create my own assets (starting with new backgrounds). It will be amazing to have my own tilesets, since it can bring a unique atmosphere for my games. Regarding the mechanics, I'll research a little more about what I can create. Could you give me some RPG Maker references that you think are interesting?

Well.. Fear and Hunger has sort of custom fighting mechanics, though it's a horror game and that approach will not fit your game. I remember good old Polymorphous Perversity (can be found on gamejolt com). The game is full of very diverse sex scenes (the whole thing is like discovering your own sexuality), made on RPG Maker, but a very good example of custom graphics and fight mechanics.

Thank you so much for answering me. The Polymorphous' creator is my academic colleague! I'll check his game again. :)

"my academic colleague" - oh really? What were you working on or studying?

you can check a little bit of my research on https://maledollstudio.itch.io/yes-brother/devlog/149241/girls-are-lgbt-boys-are-just-gay-the-appropriation-of-the-tag-lgbt-by-lesbian-protagonism :)