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A Harry Potter parody with a lot of gay sex and magic. Live a unique fantasy adventurer on a 3D choice-drive adult visual novel.


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Visual Novel, Dating Sim, Bara, B+B, Gay, Polyamory, Romance, Amare

  • Over 6 hours of play;
  • 400+ Renders to unlock;
  • More than 20 3D NSFW animations;
  • 3 love interests, 3 routes, 9 endings;
  • A Harry Potter parody with a lot of gay sex;

You are Barry Hawkins, an 18-year-old who feels lost in life. Suddenly, one morning, you received a letter to join the prestigious magic school, Whitemilk Academy. With your life turned upside down, it's time for you to learn the true power of magic, while meeting powerful wizards and feeling their hot power, meet unique friends, learn powerful spells, and become a legendary wizard.

Updated 5 days ago
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(57 total ratings)
AuthorMale Doll
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Bara, Erotic, Fantasy, Gay, NSFW


Buy Now$19.99 USD or more

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Hi. So, i have problems with achieving Drake's bad ending. I have tried so many options but still can't manage to get it. Could someone please help?

Of course! Do you mind joining Discord, please? I don't want to give people a spoiler.

I am also having issues with getting Drakes bad ending, I followed the guide and it kept going from when the choices said would stop

are you truthslayer from Discord?

yes... messaged here first before found your discord page... I have the steam version of the game


Do you have a list of key commands for "Wand Out" and Unity games in general?!

What I am asking for is what keys do I press to do things like how to pause the game, how to take screenshot without there being text on the screen, and also how to restore the text once you've taken a screenshot, and other such things.

It would be helpful if such information were in the game itself. Maybe there is, but I haven't found it yet.   :(


P.S. I made my own start icon for "Wand Out":


Hello Tom!

I loved your icon! Good job! Regarding the list of commands, we made an update to our visual novels templates so I'm not sure which are the ones from our past games and which are the hotkeys they have. I believe the mouse right button shows/hides the UI in all games. There is no key to pause it (maybe ESC to show the menu?) and no keys to take screenshots - Steam provides a feature for that but it's not a part of the game.

Thanks for the reply. I'm more use to playing Ren'Py-based games than Unity ones, so I just wasn't sure what could and could not be done while playing. That information helps. 

As far as screenshots go, I'll skip using Steam and use the "Print Screen" key on own keyboard.  :)


Dumb question but, do you think there will be an android version in the future?

We don't make Android games. Sorry.


if i purchase this rn would i always have the game of will there be a update i have to pay for too?


You'll always have the game. The only thing apart from VN that you will need to buy - if you want to, is the guide will all spoilers to get all endings.


question when i subscribe what downloaded options are avable  iv seen a number of patrions that simply dont have good options for my pc? Can i sub/downloded then unscribe till more content comes i dont like keeping up subscriptions to games that are not finished whould rather buy a game or find a free way to play?


Hello, comandercat! Thank you for your message. I'm not sure if I got your point but all demos we launched demand the same PC specs. The only difference is the game size because each route has a lot of renders so it requires more space in your disk. Regarding new content, Wand Out is already done. Right now we're just making improvements like grammar corrections, misspellings, etc. before we launch it (probably in 2023 Q3). Feel free to ask me anything you want!

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Is lemursac spirit going  to  be  available in the game  when  it comes  out 


We're still thinking about making a short route for him but it will be a DLC if we decide to do that. For now, there will be only 3 routes (Hermes, Rob, and Drake).

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Will there be a demo version  on steam ? 

We don't have any plans for that now because the project is still in early development. You can get more pieces of information on the link <https://maledollstudio.itch.io/wand-out-gay-novel/devlog/509774/the-lewd-gay-bro...>. A few minutes ago, I launched the first demo for our Patreon supporters  (Sexual Wizard tier or higher).


Is it coming  out this year?


Yes, probably in Q3.

will there be a mac? (idk if i asked this before..)

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to MAC.

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When will the game be released 

2nd semester but tomorrow our Patreon supporters (tier Student Leader) will be able to play a developer build with the whole game.

Is there any way to make this game run on Joiplay?

I don't think so.


Great wizard game from trans supportive devs! The wand fights are also way more entertaining πŸ˜‰


The fake Hogwarts Legacy lol 



When will be the  update available?

Today we'll release half of Drake's route for our Patreon supporters. A public demo hasn't been scheduled yet but you can follow us to be notified about it!



Unfortunately it seems China ban games on Steam marked as Adult Only. Do you know anything about that?

Do old saves not work?

They won't.


Every character, except for Drake, is just so... uninteresting. I don't know but the look and features are rather unappealing to me...


is it weird that im into the bully type characters..

LMAO! Drake will have a single route for him. You'll be able to satisfy your fantasy :D

sameeee i hope he ends up being a dom top daddy lol

Have you thought any more about a Mac version? :)


Unfortunately, we don't have any plans for a Mac version. Have you tried to use a virtual machine?


I took like 30 minutes to answer honestly and in what I hope is a helpful way to your form. Just please PLEASE whatever you do, take your time, but don't make this an endless "Early Access" "Patreon monthly release" project that goes nowhere. You have a good reputation, you finish your games unlike other creators... please stick to that! I send you a lot of love.


Thank you for your feedback, SimonTremelay! We're pretty excited about making 3D games and as you already know, we finish our games in a proper time. To Wand Out, we'll do the same and it will be launched (for sure) before the end of the 2023 first semester.


Can definitely say that Male Doll has a great track record of meeting their goal and completing games.


as a Harry Potter fan I love what you doing...✨


Hope u enjoy the next update! Have you checked that a new scene for Drake/Draco will be available?


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Great!! When the game will be avalaible?  I can't wait for more to come!! 


Thank you! We've plans to launch Wand Out in February but it's not a guarantee.


Awesome game. Great work.


Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned to get the latest news!


Absolutely brilliant! Can't wait for more updates

Hey so the download works fine but when I go to launch the game it shows the image of the castle and then just a grey screen and nothing else, is there any fix for this?

This is so weird! Could you provide us with more details? Have you played a demo before? Is the main menu screen working properly?




Thanks for your feedback!


I made an account just to say its beautiful 


God has left the chat........,


Sadly, those of us who prefer masculine men only have one option. Would love to see other professors that present masculinely. No hate to the other professors but maybe add more masculine professors? Possibly someone older? something to think about

This is amazing?

Glad that you like it!

The demo was short but fun.  I was only able to save once.  After the first time, if I clicked save, it brought up load.  Hot professors.

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Thank you for your report. We'll launch an update asap.


I demand you let me get DP'd by some dementors


Will a Mac version be available? I love this concept.

We don't have any plans for a Mac version.  =(


k lastima! Well I appreciate your reply. I may buy a second laptop for gaming some time soon. Thank you


Played the demo. 

Pros: You see a dick or a BJ. Personally found parts of it funny. The guys are HOT. The profs are also HOT. 

Con: Demo ends before getting it on with one of the profs πŸ˜‹. 

Demo is great and I will keep an eye out for the full game. Also just watched the YouTube video (top right of the page) and adding it to my wish list


Thank you for the feedback! We have plans to launch another demo and today's one would have more content but to keep the quality, we still working on the new CGs. There are tons of them :D