Patch 1.0.1

Check out what has changed.

  • Now the NSFW scenes/content are/is being shown after you choose it at the beginning of the game;
  • The main menu and the background from all menus have been updated;
  • The screenshots from the game page has been updated;

Male Doll Team


My Incubi Harem v1.0.1b (NSFW & SFW).zip 196 MB
Dec 11, 2023

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I installed the game, and everything is alright until the part when he is supposed to help his master from the plant. It goes to a safe spot and then it freezes and can't do anything to fix it. I reinstalled it and it still keep the same error.

Thank you for your report. I've uploaded a new patch. Could you check if now it's working, please?


sorry I didn't get to use the game until now. I still have the same issue. it freezes and won't go farther, When I used the demo, it was in the part when the master is attack by the plant in the garden, and the mc have to cast a spell. I have to press bar space to cast it. If I remember correctly. I am going to try to reinstall and see if that can help fixing it. 

Update. I just reinstalled it. Now it is working just fine. I will continue playing and see if there is any problems or it is all resolved.

Thanks! After you complete the game, do you mind coming here and giving me feedback about the writing? It's the 2nd novel I wrote and I'd be glad to know your opinion.