Mini-game removed in new build

Hello everyone!

We wanted to let you know we're paying attention to your feedback. After considering your suggestions we've decided to remove the mini-game from the current build, as many of you have requested. This update will be available next week! We hope you'll enjoy it and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If possible, wishlist My Incubi Harem on Steam to help us promote the game and stay tuned for all the news.

Male Doll Team

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Oh thank you so much! 

Minigames in VN can be fun, but it is difficult to pull off. Take Full Service for example, the work minigame is necessary to max out the LI's heart level, but it was TEDIOUS to play.


Thank you for the feedback. We believe other people have the same feeling so we hope that by removing the mini game people can fully enjoy the game!