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Furry Heroes is a game in which you need to unscramble the tiles to release a unique hero and to remove its body curse, you need to follow the magic pattern before time's up. Also, the game brings dialogue elements so that you can learn more about the heroes as well as your role in the adventure. Last but not least, you'll play the whole adventure with all characters fully animated, including all heroes that will be naked.

An old curse has trapped the Furry Heroes in a secret cave. Word has it they were from different times but no one has ever met them. After years of mystery, Aldebarick, the King of Ravinstara offered a huge reward to those who unveil this story. To help the adventurers, Calik, a powerful moose was summoned to guide them and finally, your moment has come. Get your equipment, prepare your brain (and hands) to be fast enough to discover who are the Furry Heroes cursed in this place.


  • 3 types of gameplay;
  • Dialogue System;
  • A short narrative mixed with mini-games;
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorMale Doll
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure, Puzzle
TagsBara, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Honestly doesnt worth the money wasted

Yo! Sorry for bothering you!

I just wanted to know if there's any way we can talk? I'm an Artist for another game and also a Developer(Game in progress for mine).

Again, sorry for bothering you. I just have a few private questions.


Of course! We stay all day on Discord. You can join it and send a message to Victoria :)

Thank you! I really appreciate it. :D

are all the 'heroes' male?

In this version, there are only male heroes but there are more that will be introduced to Furry Heroes lore soon!

So does your artist have a gallery on FA or anything like that?

He hasn't. :(

male lion and mentor look great, the proportions on the shark guy are a bitt off ( big head). 

pretty fun simple game tho

Thank you for your feedback. Also, we've started to think about new games before the Furry Heroes narrative and the one after the end of Furry Heroes. We'll be glad if you can join Discord to send your thoughts to help us make these games better!


Is this game available for Linux?

Only Windows =(

Aww okie


a pity  not to have Demo version


Hi! I have a question, what app do i need to be able to play this game? I'm on my PC (Windows) and I can't open it :(


you need winrar to extract the folder.

Thank you!

If you have any other problems, feel free to join Discord!


I hope....can free download it game,  thank you

Will there be a Mac version?


Probably not :/

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It's amazing how much progress you've made since your first game! I absolutely loved the game and I can't wait to see what's coming next from you. To be completely honest, I was kinda dissapointed that we couldn't undress and jerk off the goat, he was too hot to just leave him like this.


Hahaha! Everyone wants to jerk off the goat! Maybe in the sequel! Thank you so much for the feedback. Also, if you want a DLC for the game, could you reply to this post? https://steamcommunity.com/app/1392760/discussions/0/4070650515244669663/

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Already did as Kamienw! I'd totally love to see some dlc or any kind of continuation to the series. Again, congrats on a really well made game. Keep up the good job! :-D

Would like to give the shark's cock(s) some service as well


Will there be android version?


Hmm.. I'm not sure yet, but on Monday I'll check with the programmer.


Thx for replying and i hope it do make it happen.




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Hello, Neko Lau. Regarding your question, I've talked to the programmer and for the android version, we'll need to do some adjustments. However, we've started to work on our Xmas game and we'll not be able to make the mobile version. I hope we can create an android version in a close future.

that'd be awesome

It was fun but the second puzzle was tricky 

Haahah. Thank you for your feedback. Also, if you want a DLC for the game, could you reply to this post? https://steamcommunity.com/app/1392760/discussions/0/4070650515244669663/

Watched the trailer. Going to buy later but nice to see a mix of game play (puzzle swap, puzzle, story and interactive). Look forward to seeing any other elements not in the video  

I hope you enjoy the game! <3


Haven't got the full game yet (Friday when I get paid I will be buying it) But from the beta, I can tell you, that you will probably fall in love with it! It's a fun game!