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is that any difference between switch version and pc version?

The Switch version is censored but it still has all adult scenes.

Is that mean all the scened is same ? really want to buy it but i am thinking buy which version better.

It's the same content but the Switch version doesn't show any genitals.


When are you releasing it on Steam? Do you have any ETA?

its launching date isn't defined yet but it will probably happen this year.

I open the main menu and click start but it won't run :(

That's weird. Are you trying to play it on Windows?

Yes, I don't know what's happening. There is only a gray screen...

Can you download one of our other games like My Incubi Harem or Wand Out, please? They use the same tech we used on Burning Secrets.

Wand Out - the same problem :(

So, considering your feedback is the first one about this topic, I assume it is a graphics problem. Have you updated your graphics drivers?


I have a PC to play but I have a question, will it be for mobile in the future?


Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to port it to mobile.


It's a shame, I showed this VN to a friend and he wanted to play it but he doesn't have a PC


Is there a way to do a monogamous route?


Yes, it will be possible :)


No android 🙁☹ī¸đŸ˜–đŸ˜­