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2020 Xmas is coming and some of our guys got together to eat a juicy turkey. Now, while you take part in their night, you need to warm them up so that they can enjoy the best day of the year on their birthday suit, in other words, naked!

To experience this, use your mouse and move the cursor over the characters' bodies trying to collect all candies. Stars will pop up, so take them to multiply your points. If you see a gift, get it as fast as you can! It's your opportunity to take off the guys' clothes!


  • 7 Hot Animated Boys;
  • A one-hand game;
  • Easy to play;
  • CG Animated Gallery;

How many points do you need to get the stars?
  1. Isaac: 1 Star - Make at least 60000 points | 2 Stars - Make at least 81000 points |  3 Stars - Make at least 105000 points.
  2. Lynx 1 Star - Make at least 65000 points |  2 Stars - Make at least 81000 points |  3 Stars - Make at least 105000 points 
  3. Male Doller 1 Star - Make at least 76000 points | 2 Stars - Make at least 100000 points | 3 Stars - Make at least 145000 points 
  4. Mofir 1 Star - Make at least 82500 points | 2 Stars - Make at least 110000 points | 3 Stars - Make at least 155000 points 
  5. Paul 1 Star - Make at least 90000 points | 2 Stars - Make at least 115000 points | 3 Stars - Make at least 160000 points 
  6. Yuki 1 Star - Make at least 95000 points | 2 Stars - Make at least 124000 points | Yuki 3 Stars - Make at least 167500 points 
  7. Lovesdick 1 Star - Make at least 100000 points | 2 Stars - Make at least 141000 points | 3 Stars - Make at least 195000 points 

Thank you all for supporting us!

2020 was definitely one of the hardest years we had due to the world pandemic, but if your help, we created a lot of games and learned a lot of things. We know we have much more to improve, but we really want to say to you all: THANK YOU!

As a way to retribute your support, today we’ve launched “Bring me a man, Santa". It was done with great care and is our way of showing that anyone is welcome in a family that values differences.

If you feel that you can support us even more, we’ve launched a DLC too with all sketches and characters naked from the game. It costs $2 (20% OFF during its launching week), but we would like to reinforce that you should only buy it if you are comfortable with it. We will continue to work to create increasingly diverse games and strive for the rights of the LGBTQ + community to be respected.

Thank you SO MUCH for believing in our projects, sending us feedback, and helping us create a queer games universe that is not only focusing on visual novels and/or dating simulators.

AuthorMale Doll
TagsBara, Erotic, Gay, sex, Transgender
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


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I played on steam and I liked it, however, the settings don't save, it is really annoying to have to change screen size and volume every time I click play, restart the level or go to the next one.

I'll check what is going on. Thank you for your report!


Had a good time playing this one! Had to censor it for YouTube of course, but I provided download link, so I hope others experience the fun too. 

OMG! Your video shows me a huuuge bug, thank you for playing the game! Also, I really enjoy your videos, you're SO SWEETIE!

(1 edit)

Regarding your point about characters' stories, they all have their owns stories or are part of our previous games - except Paul, our transgender guy, and Male Doller, our mascot.

OH! I was wondering, I was like "This is such a delightful little friend group; how do they all know each other" 

men i cant open it, it looks so amazing and i want to play it

(1 edit)

What's your problem? Does the game open and close on its own or are you still unable to open the downloaded file? Have you tried to use Winrar to open the RAR file?

Game won't open. It shows a loading window but stops half way through and closes itself.

OMG! Have you checked your antivirus? Maybe it's closing the game to do a scan.

Overall a nice leisure game, but somehow the scoring system is confusing. It doesn't have any indicator on how much points will it cost to get 1 star.

Thank you for the feedback, Inekoto. I've updated the game page with how many points you need to get to unlock the stars. Since the game was launched on Steam with achievements, we forgot to put this info on the Itch version. Merry Xmas!

It keeps saying I need unityplayer.dll but I have no idea what that is, any help?

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:O! So weird! Anyway, can you join Discord or send an email to maledollstudio@gmail.com? I'll send you mine.

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Played the game and must say 2 things

1) Love how there is a trans person (don't know if it's right to say guy or girl so I go with person TBS)

2) The scoring is messed up lol. Got 67920 points Round 1 and get one star but get 58845 points Round 4 and get 3 stars. 

LOVE to try to get 3 stars in all the rounds (have 2 lots so far) but that will be a bit of work to get 😁. Also I do enjoy the game

(1 edit)

Thank you for your feedback, Ellerwind! Regarding your msg:

1) His name is Paul because he recognizes himself as a trans man.  He is one of our new family members. I hope to create a game in which he is the main protagonist asap!

2) I'll keep an eye on this possible problem because nobody else has reported anything like that. Thank you for letting me know.

Last but not least, I'm so happy you enjoy the game. You are always supporting my team and I and we really appreciate that! Thank you for believing in our projects.

Now that I have the steam ver I can see the numbers I need to hit (ty Achievements :-P . Also on steam I hit 2 stars (that's how I know about Achievements and the targets I need). 

Still loving the game and hope to get pass Paul soon (can't wait to see the last 2)

There was a android version? 

Unfortunately, we don't have plans to port to android.

So sad 😔