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Boyfriend's Rescue is an adult platform gay game about a boy trying to save his boyfriend who is trapped in a magical book, the Gay Sutra.


Pablo’s relationship fell into a routine. Trying to create new experiences, Alex, his boyfriend, decided to go for the first time to a Sex Shop: the Big Butt. It could be a normal daily life if he hadn’t disappeared.

Desperate, Pablo started to search for him and when he entered the Big Butt, the Gay Sutra, a big purple book caught his eyes. When he looked at that naughty book, Pablo’s got a surprise.

The boy in the book looks exactly like his boyfriend! Before Pablo could have any reaction, Lady Mustache, an unusual type of fairy showed up and explained everything. Mofir, an evil villain of the Sexual Land, was kidnapping beautiful boys from the Earth to choose his next husband. Will Pablo be able to rescue his boyfriend? Can he survive in a world full of horny monsters? Which surprises will the Gay Sutra have in store for him?


  • 6 Sexual Costumes with different types of mechanics;
  • 13 Sexual Animations;
  • VOICE AND MOANS for the main protagonist;
  • Dick Ride;
  • Story Events;
  • Map Navigation;
  • Platform game inspired on the ones from the '90s;

You can buy the Guide + Adult Art Pack here.

This game had Patricia Leite as an Accessibility Consultant.

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Rated 3.7 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
AuthorMale Doll
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
TagsErotic, Gay, NSFW, Pixel Art, Queer, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Fun! Would love more sexy platformers like this!

Thank you! We are working on our first novel now, but we are also super excited to create a new project like Boyfriend's!

Aw thank you for replying. I'm not into visual novels because I like action more than reading for these games ;). Have a good one!

I get it! But we'll start to discuss our first action 3D game soon, so... Stay tuned! =]

Hey I was really looking forward to playing this game, but for some reason I can't purchase it in my country Germany. Why is that?

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Hello, padawan. German players are reporting to us that some laws in your country changed and now our games are marked as pornography, so they are being blocked. However, we'll launch a general version on Steam and a patch to unlock the adult content. Stay tuned.

Thank you so much for the very quick reply. It is really weird, especially since other pornographic games are free to be bought on steam. I will be looking forward to that version though.


Hi! I bought Boyfriend’s rescue and I seem to have run into a problem that you might hopefully help me with.

When I downloaded the game it downloaded as an Internet Explorer link instead of a folder (by the time I sent this email Internet Explorer has now changed top Microsoft Edge). When I tried to run the game it gives me the option to either Open or Save it, sense I already have it saved I choose to open it and a tab appears before not even a second passes and it disappears. I tried doing a couple of things to see if it would solve it (trying to open it with another browser, seeing if there was another file I had to download) and nothing seems to work.

If you happen to know the reason and solution for it I would very much appreciate it. Thank you for your time and take care.

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Hello, Dragon. Have you tried to "run" the game using Winrar? I uploaded a ".rar file", so you need to use any software capable of extracting all files. After that, you can run the game through "Boyfriend's Rescue.exe" file. If you need help, I can do it through Discord and/or maledollstudio@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting us out by buying Boyfriend's Rescue! 

Thanks! It's working now!


Have played some of the full game. Some parts I find hard but I'm working things out. The biggest thrill I had was seeing my name in the Thank you part (made my day). Look forward to the end (and to use the guide so I don't need to remember passwords)

<3 Thank you for supporting us. We really appreciate your feedback and we're still working on new improvements. I hope you enjoy them.

The password it gave me at the end just plops me right before the teleporting demon sub-boss. Is there no password for a completed gallery?

I'd say you have to, you know, PLAY THE GAME? No short cut (that I know of) to unlock stuff you can (and should) earn

The password it gave me at the end of the game. As in after the game has been completed.

Hello, basketofseals. There isn't a password to unlock the whole gallery, all pass will teleport you to the beginning of the level or to its half.

I just played Steam's version. A couple of issues there - there was no sand storm on the beach and Mofir's Castle 1 - the first point player appears at is very wrong.

Hello, art! Thank you for your report. Do you remember what u did before the sand storm? It's the first report about a bug with this event. Regarding Mofir's Castle, we're working to fix it and I'll upload a build asap! Thank you for your patience.

About the storm - I think it just didn't start at all. Or maybe I passed the level too fast. I remember the storm from beta version and the game trailer.

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We've found a few bugs on the storm thanks to you!  A new patch has been upload on Steam.

Hey there beautiful people,

I love the Ga(y)me a lot, but getting frustrated, that I cannot remap the keys - especially the jumping key - to another one since on my German Keyboard, the Y and Z key are in interchanged positions on the keyboard and using them this way really is kind of an annoying, if not "painful" experience.

I know, I could just quickly change my language locale to English, but eventually this will be a step, that international clients won't want to make anyway. So, it would be awesome, if you could either remap the jump key to the "spacebar" for all keyboards - like most PC-Games have it anyway - or allow manual keymapping altogether.

Thanks for considering that and I'll join your Patreon as soon as I could get my expenses and income balance fixed to be able to afford it besides my MMO subscription.

Cheers and sometimes an escape to an ill-/sickness free sexual wonderland would be awesome

🌌 🥰 😍 💦 🥴 🤠 🥳 🌈


THANK YOU! We're working on keyboard remapping for the launching version, I hope we have finished it until the launching day. Also, can you join Discord so that we can test this "German Keyboard" thing?

Alright, will do.

Well, basically it's the different Keyboard Layouts "QWERTY" (standard English Keyboard) and "QWERTZ" (Standard Layout for German-speaking countries obviously) - but a remapping in Options would of course not just be useful for these, but for any other Layouts than the Standard English one.


We're trying to implement the remapping feature, but it's pretty hard since we allow controllers too. I'll be glad if you can msg me on Discord so we can test what we've been working on.

There seems to be a glitch where you can't exit the game via the esc. The menu does pop out, but you can't confirm either the exit map or quit game options.

Thank you for your report! I'll check it asap.

So i was downloading in my laptop and it asking me for a password, where do i get the password

are you talking about a password to unlock the rar file?

Ooof is there an android build for this? XD i would really love to play this

For now , the game will be only for PC (windows).

lovely game. so lewd just love it

Hahaha! Thank you! This Friday I'll announce my new RPG Maker game. Stay tuned!

This was fun, reminds me of a few games I played growing up; the art style was really cute. the controls seemed a bit awkward at times, I'm so used to jumping with space. But it's been a while since I've played something like this.  Interested to see where this goes

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Thank you for your feedback, Nemo! The final version will have joystick support, I think it will provide a better experience. Don't forget to follow my page to get the latest news about this project as well as my new ones!

I love the demo and the Fairy Godmother so far is my favorite character, the only thing is if there were options to change the buttons for attacking and confirming. but other than that I cant wait to play the full game!!


Played the demo and just back the game (+ walkthrough 😜). I have some pros and some cons so far. 

Pros: Game play. That you can pick A or B but the guy can say no. The art. The 2 Outfits and the look of the others

Cons: Could not find a menu to exit and/or turn down the music (was a touch loud for me). 

Side note: If you can I'd love to pick if he is uncut or cut. Personally I like uncut but that's just me. If it's there or not I'm happy with the game 

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Hello, Ellerwind! Thank you so much for supporting me and sending me feedback. Regarding the menu to exit and the 'music option' they will be available on the next version, don't worry [😜]. Regarding your side note, I think it is an interesting possibility, but we would like to add some side scenes first. What do you think about that?

Good to know. It's a small detail that I can live with (or without) so I'm just happy that you can make the game.

That's a hilarious fun game! That's what a gay game should be - lots of hot guys and action, not a f..cking drama and tears (as in most VNs). I just wish each boss there had his own sex scene as a reward for the fight. Maybe they can add it in future. Otherwise, I'm fully supporting it!

HAHAHA. Thank you for the feedback! It's an amazing idea, I'll try to work on it as soon as possible.