Yuki's Tale Version 1.02

Hello, everyone!

I would like to say I made some updates trying to improve an usability aspect of Yuki's Tale, and also in our main menu. Check it out:

Directions orientations inside the builds

Now, when you enter the buildings in the city (Blarney, Roseta and Gilbratar) directions will appear showing you the exit or available ways. It's just an improvement to give more guidance to players and reduce possible mistakes. 

Credits on the main menu

I have implemented this option in the main menu because as our family in Male Doll's Patreon is growing, they may want to see their names on the game. At first, you needed to complete the full game to watch the credits; now you can see it by clicking on the main menu.

Visual Update on Blarney City

I made some visual improvements on Blarney's map. Now the buildings have different types of roofs bringing them closer to reality. I hope you guys like it!

I hope these improvements can give a better experience for Yuki's Tale. Thank for your support.



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Aug 08, 2019

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