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I completed the game, but it seems to just be a demo, or at least that is what it says.   Am I now waiting for an update?  I want to play more.

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Hello, aoeshiki. Thank you for your feedback and patience. I've noticed that I made a mistake and I haven’t uploaded Yuki's Tale's last version. I made a new post showing some updates, and now you can download the version 1.02 (the complete one). Thank you again, and I hope you enjoy my new game named Agent Lovesdick. Cheers, Victoria.

ps: you can try to move your 'old save file' to this new version of the game, but I'm not sure if it will work.

It needs updating on Nutaku as well.  ^_^  Love the game!  I wont mind starting over for the fun!

I sent an email to Nutaku update it. <3

What to Do after running away from the big monster in the Duct passage in Gibraltor??
Please kindly help!

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Hello Sohamsam! You need to break the big monster's magic seal by starting a fire in three cups. (ps: I'm not sure if I can call this object a cup, but you can see what I'm talking about in the picture.)

Thanks ♥️

Have you managed it?

Yes... managed.. thnx

How to get the lotus for the guild quest in gibraltor??

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You can find the lotus flower in the 'bees’ field', before Gilbratar City and Flower Forest. Don't forget, it's a night quest.

I can't seem to find these cups.  Can you help please?

Sorry for the delay, I was on a trip! Have you solved it?

These cups are on the same floor where you've found the big monster.

thank you for the tip.  I've cleared that whole level and looked in every corner and still can't find them.  I've also cleared the level above and gone one more level up where Maze is waiting.  No cups anywhere for me :(  if they are hidden, they are hidden well.  help?

OMG! I'm uploading a new version right now. Can you join in Male Doll Discord? I think we can solve this quickly!

Hello ! I found Escke cell, but I can't find how to go to Maze cell. Can someone help me, please ?

Hello, Liseria! You need to push the two rocks to the holes (after you move one, another will appear) to make bridges downstairs. It's a puzzle! :p

Thank you !! :D


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I just finished the game, and I really like it ! :) Will there be a continuation ?

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OMG! I didn’t notice that you had answered my reply! Sorry about that. At this moment, I’m not thinking about making a continuation because I’m working on my next game named Agent Lovesdick. As you really enjoy Yuki’s, I suggest you follow Male Doll's page because in early June I'll release Agent's demo for a test! Stay tuned and thank you for feedback.

Hi there,  I have moved the rocks to each of the holes and can't seem to fine the way to get downstairs.  Can you help please?

Congrats on your game launching! I haven't been able to play too much yet, but soon...soon. I'm just happy he can heal outside of combat! 

Thaaaank you! I hope you enjoy the game!