Small Patch 1.01

Small Patch 1.01

  • Fixed some Portuguese subtitles in the English version.
  • Fixed 'Run' (Battle System):  If the escape is a success, monsters move away from the player (two steps).

If you have found more bugs, please, feel free to share.


Yuki's Tale 1.01 (ENG) 555 MB
Feb 13, 2019
Yuki's Tale 1.01 (PT-BR) 555 MB
Feb 13, 2019

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Hey Male Doll.

I played for about 2-3 hours like 2 days ago. I liked it so far. The battle system was fun to use, and I liked how you played a Healer. One thing I had trouble with was not being able to use the Healing skill outside of combat.  I think that should be updated if possible. If I was getting low on HP in battle I started to make sure I topped off on healing (cause I got wiped out by 4 chickens my second battle). 

I liked the lore of the game, and the explanation in the Guild of different Tiers of Healer was explained. I also thought the inclusion of level restrictions to equip different armor and weapons was nice. It gave me something to strive for.. though I think I overleveled for the areas I played in.  Yuki himself was a bit crash and cold, but I hope he will soften up a bit personality wise. I was going to play a bit more but after the new update it's only showing up in BR instead of EN. My save looks to be gone as well. So sad. I didn't get to anything... NSFW so no comment there. I'm more into RPG's for battle and fun stories anyways.  I liked your game so far. 

Good luck with it Male Doll! It was fun to play!

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed the lore.

I really like the feedback about healing skill outside of combat. I'll test it on the next version. About the areas, I'm working on better balancement because they can be extremely easy if you use some items. I don't know what is happening to your update. I have downloaded here, and it seems normal. I'll upload this version in another mirror. When you have time, can you check if this one is working correctly?

Vic <3

Congralations! Yuki's Tale Contest has ended, and you are one of the winners. Please, send a email to

Aw thank you! This is awesome! 

I'll send you an email under my Youtube name Schrient! I'm super excited to play it!

Thanks again!