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Our raffle to join in a closed test for my new game (Cumming Hotel) has already started on Male Doll's Discord.  Join in it and react to GiveawayBot's comment in giveaway

Having got to play the full release, thanks to the generosity of the maker, I can say that the full game is really fun and challenging. The story will keep you interested and so will the sexy scenes!  Definitely give it a try folks.


Thank you for the feedback! I've started to work on my next project named Agent Lovesdick. Keep following my profile to receive the news. <3

From the little I have played I cannot wait to play the final product. I noticed that there is clothing damage in the game but not sure if that is going to mean in fight sexual scenes (I hope so). The story is well thought out and makes sense. One issue is when you do get your clothing ripped you do have them fully fixed after fight which hopefully can be changed?

Thaaaank you so much, Sinstrall!! My first idea was, after a specific moment on the game, all monsters could rip off your clothes. However, it's not working as I hoped (in the technical aspect), so I'm trying to fix it. Anyway, if this is not possible, I'm thinking about creating a small island where you fight naked. What do you think about that? Do you have any suggestion about naked fights? :>

Ummmm YES PLEASE!? *cough* That would be fun as long as they get to molest you :)

Yes!!! HAHAHA!


Congralations! Yuki's Tale Contest has ended, and you are one of the winners. Please, send a email to

Victoria <3

Yay! Sent you an email :) Can't wait to play more! <3 <3 <3