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Hey, I've had trouble with loading the game. When I try to convert it, it says that there are some things missing. What do I do?

Are you using Winrar?


Have you tested on another computer? This game works just in Windows.

Ah, that's probably why. Okay, thanks!


Hello! I played your demo and I liked it alot! It was fun to play. I love Nebraska's blue hair and Kitty's locks too! Hope it's ok I did a little Let's Play!  

Good luck with your game! Will it have different routes dependent on who you speak to later on?

Hello, Krylancelo. I’m very happy with your words and gameplay. Thank you so much for supporting my studio. Kitty was my first novel and as a solo developer, this demo cost more than I expected. I hope the community enjoys the game as you did because I really want to create a story with options and different endings.

XoXo - Victoria

Thanks! I'm happy you liked it! Your game was fun to play! Did you do the art yourself or hire someone? I wish I could draw like that.   Good luck with both your projects Victoria!

Yeah, Destiny's Child for the win! 

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HAHAHA. Thanks! I hired an artist named Vinymox. You can check his work on

I think the secret for drawing like that is hard work! Believe in yourself! <3