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Has this VN/game been finished?


Yes. The game was already launched on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

Not fully here or in Steam?


The version available on Steam and Itch is already the full one. The launch happened on August 5th, 2022.

Hi can you  play this on joiplay? I really want to play it

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Unleashed Beast is the most difficult one - you need to have unlocked previously all other non-Bad Endings in order to get it and then proceed normally to Solo Ending. The Bird Food one is available on Grivoth's route. Do you mind joining Discord so that I can tell you the answers, please?

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I love Sylvester

<3 We love him too!


Wish he didn't... you know.


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For now, we don't have any plans to make another furry project but Furry Heroes was created focusing on being a huge universe, so maybe in the future we have a new game focusing on the hippo (Thomas is his name!)

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are you guys doing the same thing with the switch version of freezer pops for the switch version of this game?

Yes, the console versions need to be censored - unfortunately. =(

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Unfortunately, we don't have any plans to port it to Android.


I purchased the vn and I really loved it! I love the characters, story, art and the nsfw scenes (Ulfric is my favorite and one of the sexiest wolves!)

The only complicant is (no spoilers) Sylvester's particular moment later in the story. I hope this vn will be revisited and he'll have his own route.


Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate that and we're extremely happy that you enjoyed the game. Regarding Sylvester, we have some ideas for him but nothing is confirmed until now. We're still waiting for the audience's feedback.

That's great! Thank you for the vn!

I purchased this on the Itch side but it keeps trying to kick me to the Steam page whenever I launch the NSFW version to insist on buying it again through there? Is there any solution to this, as I don't see anything posted yet regarding it.


Thank you for your report. I haven't noticed but I've uploaded the Steam version on Itch. Now you can download the NSFW version again, it will work. Also, thank you for your patience.

That appears to have fixed it. Thank you so much!

I haven't forgotten about you. I'm still trying to learn about how to make a patch for a Unity game. Thank you for your patience. I hope to be back here soon.

Wanted to buy this VN, but steam region-blocks the nsfw dlc for me. Only the game guide) dlc is presented to me, no matter my preference settings, and the other two dlcs never show up. So is there any way to get the game into its nsfw version outside of downloading a dlc from the steam page?

I need to check with the programmers if we can do an external patch as we made for our RPG Maker games. I'll check with them tomorrow and then I can reply to you properly.

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Thank you for your patience. Could you tell me if you can see the main page of the game on your region? Is just the NSFW DLC that are blocked?

The main page is accessable,  the main game (and the guide) can be bought. The other 2 DLC aren't accessable (they aren't even shown), and when I try to reach the NSFW DLC through its Steam game ID, I get notified that the item is not available in my region.


Thank you. I'll run some tests if I can make a patch myself. Hope to reply to you soon.

only demo now ?

Tomorrow we'll announce the launch date. It will be at the end of this week! :D

So the story will go further right ?

Yes! There are a lot of things that will happen (including some big plot twists!) :D


Very much what I expected from a Male Doll game.  a vulnerable MC, lots of bara LIs, honestly from an AO perspective Male Doll always delivers.  Still I'd like just a bit more character development and plot.  If we could ever get an A class writer on the staff to go with the people who already know how to throw just the right kind of AO content as us, games like this could really be mold breaking!  Still just from the demo Id have to say this is the best game I have seen from Male Doll to date.  Look forward to buying it!

Thank you SO MUCH for this review. We've been working really hard to improve our narrative skills and this game is a huge step for us - compared to Freezer Pops, our first novel. Regarding the character development and plot pacing, this was a conscious choice. I'm sure we'll be able to work better on these topics in our next novels. For this project, we wanted to learn how to work with a specific narrative design pattern and how to write a modular story. 

Last but not least, I'm not used to some terms you mentioned, I know MC is Main Character, but what does mean AO perspective? Could you enlighten me, please? And feel free to join our Discord or inbox me, we really want to have game testers with criticism skills. This helps us a lot to improve our games.

AO = Adult Only =)  sorry for the short hand.  I'm really happy to see you growing as you create!  I think this VN is going to be a real hit.

OMG! Of course. It didn't come to my mind. Thx. Do you mind sending me an email <> or inboxing me on Discord? I would like your opinion about a prototype we've started to work on it. We have changed a little bit the way the approach AO content to analyze how people understand/react to it.



I recommend removing: "THE FIRST DEMO WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON!" at the top, since it's, well, available.


Thanks! Done.

Will this be available for MAC at some point?

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We don't have plans for MAC, sorry.

Bit of a delayed reaction problem.  Got the title screen, options, and I guess the opening line all overlapping.

When is it going to be on Android?


We've been working on it, but we've found some problems with some resolutions. We hope to fix it asap to release the APK.


I love most of your games doll, but im really not into furries, how do i stop getting notifications from this game? i really want nothing to do with it.


I'm not sure if you can stop to get notifications for a specific game, but don't worry about that. Fallen Bear will be launched soon and games with human characters will be announced/updated in the new few weeks.

I dont know if it's just me but the game stops at this point and it doesn't advance anymore. 

This is a huge bug, kkkk. I'll upload a patch asap. Thanks for your report.

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I got stuck in the same way.

Have you downloaded the new version? Patch d1.0.2 is already available.

Downloading it now. Thanks!

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Played it... but it ended in the exact same spot (just in a more official way xD) 

The demo ends right after the stone golem appears. Is what are you talking about? :)

Yeah, exactly xD

Patch d1.0.2 is already available.

When saving, cant seem to exit the saves afterward, gotta close and re-open.

What is your resolution screen, please? Some people are having the same problem and we're investigating it. Thank you for your report.

I had the same issue. I tried changing resolutions, but in all of them I have to close the game and lauch it again. :'v

Patch d1.0.2 is already available. Could you test if your problem has been fixed, please?

It worked. Thank you.

Yeah! Thank you for letting me know.

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I tried with bigger ones ( or smaller ones ) but still had the same issue

Patch d1.0.2 is already available. Could you test if your problem has been fixed, please?

Mhm, not getting stuck in the saves now

Thanks for letting me know.

Is there going to be a android?

We've been working on it. Probably it will be launched in the next few days.

is thare go to be a Mac one

No plans for Mac, sorry :(


How do I download it?


The game isn't launched it, but today we'll announce when its first demo will be. Stay tuned!

This vn is top notch. The art is superb, the story and the characters. Ulfric is my favorite and Sylvester take 2nd. I can't wait to see more of their routes and the completed CGs. What this vn could have is an Android version and multiple character sprites on expressions and poses. Overall, this vn is a must play.


Thank you! In a few days we'll reveal a surprise, so get ready for it!


I have to admit the artwork is legendary (from what you can see) and I can imagine that the story with the different characters can be very good


Thank you! Next week we`ll release a surprise for you all. Hope u enjoy it :D



There seems to be no game file on the itch? the install field is empty.


The demo will be available soon. We've just announced the game to invite people to our Discord for our closed test. If you join it, msg me (Victoria) so that I can give you a Game Tester role.

Look great can’t wait to play it, however, the first image says “paw’s on the air”, while it should be “paws in the air”. Just a little correction. But still can’t wait to see this game and see how it turns out.

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Thank you for the feedback! I've updated the photo. Also, I'll be glad if you join Discord to test the first draft build that we'll release soon. Your feedback will be very important to us, especially because English is not our team's first language! :)


ooohhhh. new vn. and the first story before the furry heroes too. niceee. btw general bear looks hot asf. >w<

looking forward to it!


Yeah! Have you joined our Discord? We've started to look for furry novel players to test our first draft build! It will be a pleasure for us if you test it :)

i havent yet but i will! thanks!


Hey, y’all might want to look at this page on a phone. It’s kind of hard to read.

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Could you tell me if it's better, please? I've uploaded a new background with an opacity adjustment. And thanks for the feedback!

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Looks fine on PC to me

Thanks for the feedback!


Check it out again, please.

Yes, it looks a lot better now.