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What choices do I make to get Nessire's nude cg?

We'll reply to you on Discord when the dev joins it. :)

where is Nessire when we finish the third ruin? I can't find her anywhere

Have Lyra and Nessie argued? If so, you'll not be able to find Nessi anymore. If not, Nessi is located on the east of the mountain.

is there any walkthrough in this fuckin confused

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Hello Bruh, thank you for getting in touch. Regarding the walkthrough, unfortunately, we don't have any. However, if you join Discord, we can help you (aka sending photos) about how to complete the game.

i do know how to end the game...but getting the scene is confusing

So far this game is amazing I love all the things you have to do and the game was really fun. The art is amazing and so are the character designs. I can't wait to play the full game!

Thank you so much for the feedback! We really appreciate that. The full version will be launched next month, we hope you enjoy it too!

Will there be a Mac version?

Probably not. Our team doesn't have a MacBook to export the game for Mac users.

Really good game, even in this prototype stage I had a lot of fun, the gameplay is definitely engaging, much better than just random fights, the open world full of puzzles with different tools and ability's is so much fun and the backtracking is not forced at all.

I also enjoyed how the game has little story segments in between the gameplay to keep things interesting, and talking about the cutscenes, they are really neat. Great game.


We're glad that you like it! Thank you so much for playing the game. When we launch the game, we'll be happy to send you a key. We really appreciate your support!