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Inspired by Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics but with NO GENDER RELATIONSHIP RULES, Save the world from an evil emperor Using the power of six elements while Dating whoever you want.

----- This is an SFW game and new content will be available soon ----- 


In the modern world, the continent of Libertas faces a threat: the Empire of Aeterna. Military and powerful, each day it annihilates the nearby kingdoms, destroying their cultures and taking over them. One by one, the kingdoms fell until the ones who weren't dominated decided to group themselves and fight back under the banner of the Libertasians Alliance. Angered by the group's attitude, the great Emperor Eligius Emeritus IV now seeks to find the 6 magic crystals created by the Goddess Vitalia to control the terrible serpent Obitus and force the entire world to bow down to him.


  • Date system with 14 unique characters (3 available in this demo);
  • Character creation with class and magical element customization;
  • Characters with unique classes and skills;
  • Skill improvements based on the level of relationship with the characters;
  • Random battles with different formations real-time created;
  • 3 Unique Maps for battle in this demo;
  • Unique scenes for your date (coming soon);
  • An SFW game made for everyone to enjoy a unique queer tactical game;
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
AuthorMale Doll
Tagsamare, Bara, Gay, harem, Otome, Romance, Transgender, Turn-based Strategy, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Joy-Con


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The game is really buggy and the fight mechanics aren't that good. When trying to select on a character in battle or when moving the character it never moves where I want the character to move. when I click on a character to select it especially in the second battle it completely refuses to select any of the characters.

Hello, LukeHeart. Have you tried to play the game using the keyboard or joypad? Crystal Tales doesn't support mouse properly, so maybe this is the reason for some of your problems. Also, could you detail why the fight mechanics aren't good? Are they not good because you couldn't play them properly or because you played and didn't understand them?


Definitely want to play this game when it's finished. Loved what's out so far. the characters seem really interesting backgrounds and interactions with the main character. Enjoyed the fight dynamics so much. Liked that you could do repeat battles to try to strengthen your team more before going into some of the further along battles. This was just a blast to play through. 

Glad that you like it! We've been working on other projects first, but Crystal Tales is still in our plans to be launched.

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Love the game so far!! cant wait to see what comes next!! only issue was that there seems to be a but where i cant access any of petal's bond events outside the first one. when i try to start the second one it loops back. (didnt have this issue with the others) also will this game be f2p or p2p when its completed?

Regarding the comment below me, I personally saw it thanks to the "Otome" tag. :D

Thank you for letting us know about that! We definitely haven't thought about tagging the game with the "Otome" tag!

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Just found this by chance while browsing the strategy section. This looks really cool and the drawn character sprites are gorgeous.
May I recommend adding more tags to it for better visibility? One of the main focus of this game seems to be relationships, so the "romance" tag feels appropriate. "Harem" and "Otome" too, since there is the possibility to role-play our main char as any gender as we wish so GxB and BxG are possible. Maybe "Amare" too? It's a new tag that encompasses all types or romantic content.

Edit: Ah, forget to mention the "Fantasy"  and "Turn-based Strategy" tag.

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Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback, Amberbaum. We've been doing a tags test and your suggestions are really good. We don't know why but the tag "Fantasy" isn't giving us any visibility nor the "Tactical-RPG" one. We've added the new tags you have suggested and we'll follow the results to understand them!

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Good luck with the new tags. I hope they give your project a boost.

We don't know why but the tag "Fantasy" isn't giving us any visibility nor the "Tactical-RPG" one.

Ah, that's disappointing. It's really weird, because fantasy romance is really popular. Add RPG and round based on top of it and it's like a delicious mix that Dragon Age, Baldur's gate, Neverwinter Nights or Fire Emblem players should crave for. Romance visual novel players will also go crazy over everything that is tagged fantasy. So... I don't know what's going on.

Hey, Amberbaum. Could you tell if you saw on Itch forum a topic about the "Amare" tag? Or how did you know about that?

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I don't frequent the itch.io forums, so no to that. I know about the "Amare" tag, because I follow visual novel devs and I play a lot of visual novels. Mainly otome, or games that have otome elements to it. About a half a year ago there was another big discussion and drama around the otome tag (mostly on Tumblr) and what it encompasses. Basically people tried to tear it apart instead of accepting that it is just a demographic thing ( Otome simply is: GxB - female player oriented/ male romance interests), like yuri or bara is. So the community came up with a new all encompassing term called Amare. It has gained traction amongst the visual novel developer and player crowd ever since.

Amare - to love. Doesn't matter who to who is.


Thanks for replying to me!

This game is awesomeee, will you continue it? I hope that so ^^, I see some bugs tho, especially when you repeat fights, sometimes the screen go black and you can open the menu-end game, but you cant fight, other times you can fight, but when you finish the scenary, the screen go black and only can oopen the menu, I see too that, when I repeat the second map, my MC change the gender and class (priest male to knight women) look:

(above that, the game look soo cool and only want to say good job :D)

Thank you so much for your feedback! We'll fix these bugs and launch a new version with more content in January first week. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to join Discord to send your suggestions.