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This game is already finished, and you can buy the full version by clicking here. Now, we are working on Bruce and the Horny Tower and the first unstable build of it will be released in September. Stay tuned on our social media and join in our Discord to have the chance to participate in giveaways campaign.

After rumors about members of Rebel Nymes Guild having sex among them, Mr. Trupson, the biggest businessman of Plymouth Town realizes that this is an opportunity to take over the most respectful position in the city.

To prove theses acts which are unacceptable by local elders, Lovesdick is hired by the businessman and his duty is to collect pieces of evidence capable of closing the Guild. Although his work seemed easy, what he didn't expect was that watching people having sex would turn him on. Will he be capable of completing this mission even though spying on people having sex turns him on?

  • Classic RPG Gameplay mixed with:
  • A Stealth System;
  • Immersive Story and Characters;
  • Side Quests;
  • Day and Night System;

Male Doll has a Discord and I’ve been staying online all day (if it's possible) working on Male Doll projects. If you want to report a bug, make suggestions or even talk, it will be a pleasure to meet you. We've started our discussion about the last project for 2019. Join in our community, and help us to create better adult gay experiences.

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Extra Mirror (Google Drive): http://bit.ly/33Jujkt

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Is there a mega sync download for this it wont make me download it normally

I have a Google Drive mirror: http://bit.ly/33Jujkt

is there a zip one?

Yes! http://bit.ly/33RJFUb

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It worked thanks luv ! I also played it and I love it ! it was confusing at first but I got the hand of it . Love the game <3 (I have other accounts lol)

Thank you!! The full version will be released in a few hours. Stay tuned!

Is it going to be for Mac? please say yes T^T

Unfortunately not. I don't have a mac to export it. =/


it works fine with wine (https://www.winehq.org/), though I must confess I can't figure out how to play this game :)

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Hello, Arnould. Thank you for the information! Have you found the West Pool? Agent is a game about avoiding unnecessary fights so you need to focus on staying away from the monsters' path.

Thanks for saying about avoiding unnecessary fight, I think that was what I needed to know. I still failed the first quest but I managed to finish it :)

How do i use it?

ArnoldFiest, can you help him?

the best help is here : https://wiki.winehq.org/MacOS

if you don't have XQuartz : https://www.xquartz.org/releases/XQuartz-2.7.7.html

Once you have wine installed, you just have to right click the .exe of the game and select "open with wine stable"

Thank you very much!

I. Love. RPGs! You're going god's work with this game

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Thank you so much for your support! I hope you enjoy the official build! The tentacles scene is coming. ;)

Well these be available for android?

(1 edit)

Unfortunately, this one will be only for PC. But stay tuned on our page because soon we'll have a surprise! I hope this new one works on Android.

If this is anything like your last game, can't wait for the final version!

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Awnnnnn! Thank you. I hope you like this new game, and stay tuned because in a few weeks we'll have a surprise! :>